Knuth Brewing Company


Knuth Brewing Company Story

Why Start a Brewery?

Few people are fortunate enough to turn their hobby into a career. I am one of the lucky ones. It all started with a gifted home brewing kit from my father-in-law. From the first batch of beer I was hooked. A spark was ignited. And it’s only grown. Brewing is a true passion of mine. Creating something unique from scratch and then sharing it with other people brings me joy. My brews have never been too crazy or extreme, instead I focus on using the highest quality ingredients to create a better craft beer. It’s a marvel how the simple combination of water, hops, malt, and yeast can create such a glorious experience in a glass.

As I became a more experienced home brewer, the thought crept into my head about opening a brewery of my own. The thought really consumed me after a trip to Washington D.C. Standing on the bank of Mount Vernon, where George Washington once lived, I thought about the Founding Fathers. Not only were they great leaders, but they were also entrepreneurs. They took great risks in business and in establishing our nation. I was inspired. Thanks to that trip, I was armed with a new sense of purpose. After many different thoughts, ideas, answered prayers, and the unending support of my wife, Marie, that dream has become a reality.

We opened the doors of Knuth Brewing Company in April of 2015. From humble beginnings – a simple (and too-small) half-barrel system to being available in over 50 bars and restaurants in the surrounding areas, we have been blessed to watch our business grow. Every batch is hand crafted with fine attention to detail so that we provide the best pint to our customers – be it their first, or fifteenth, time in.


David and Marie Knuth