Our seasonal beer and perfect for this time of year, Marzen means March in German and this beer was typically brewed in March and then lagered, or stored, underground until the late summer or fall when the harvest would be ready and the people would have an Oktoberfest party. This lager is brewed in the […]

Charlotte’s Revenge

Perfect for warming up on cold Wiscosin winter nights sitting at the pub this Scotch Ale is all about the malt. Featuring 7 Wisconsin roasted malts this deep copper ale has hints of burnt caramel, brown sugar, and just a touch of roasted coffee. Full bodied and full of flavor sip it slow because she […]

My Sophia

My Sophia is a Belgian inspired Tripel made with Belgian yeast, candy syrup, and Wisconsin hops. This sweet and light-bodied beer goes down easy despite its high ABV. Like any great music album, this beer is best when enjoyed slowly to the depth and character of this hand-crafted artisan ale.

Classic Lager

This is a fine classic lager meticulously handcrafted in the traditional lagering method. Our lager is brewed with the finest Wisconsin hops, Wisconsin malted barley, water, and yeast. Nothing more and nothing less. We age this beer just a little bit longer for a smooth refreshing flavor. Enjoy Folks!

Alexander Pilsner

Brewed in honor of my Great Grandfather, H.I. Alexander who lived on this earth 92 years. He loved life, people, and beer. Refreshing, light, and crisp, I think this is a beer he would have been proud to drink.


This single Wisconsin hopped German-style wheat beer is light and well-balanced with subtle hints of clove. Unfiltered, smooth, and refreshing, this beer was our wives’ favorite, so we let them name it.

Citra Spice IPA

With 14 different hop additions throughout the boil and a heavy dose of dry hopsthis IPA drinks smooth all the way to last sip. Starts off with hints of grapefruitfrom American Cascade hops and finishes with just a hint of spice from Saaz hops.Enjoy!

American Pale Ale

This American Pale Ale is made with love using all American ingredients. Three different kinds of malt, including caramel and victory, give the beer its rich amber color. We add a healthy dose of Cascade, Centennial, and Chinook hops throughout the boil to give this pale ale a nice balance of hop flavor and aroma […]

Honey Wheat

Expect this beer to be light and refreshing with just a slight taste of honey. We make this beer using fresh, local honey and Midwest wheat to give it a slightly sweet flavor that goes down smooth. This beer tastes great on a warm sunny day, whether you’re out on the boat or standing next […]

Coffee Stout

This coffee stout is made using four different kinds of malt and two varieties of hops. We finish it by adding our own blend of cold-pressed coffee from a local coffee shop down the street. Expect this beer to be rich and smooth with hints of coffee and chocolate at the end. This beer is […]